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I decided an easier way to keep track of my stamps would be an entry, rather than to stick them in my user info. Also means we can sit here and chuckle over them. And yes this will be edited with each new stamp I recieve.

Anime Rating Communities

Stamped as Schuldig at weiss_rating
Alright, so I have to start off with the community I mod for. Had a -few- votes for Yohji, but in the end, ended up getting rated as the Schumeister. My dislike of authority figures probably figured in heavily there, y'think? Or maybe it was my more mischievious side...

Stamped as Irvine Kinneas at ultima_rating

Alright, who honestly didn't see this one coming? Evidently, everyone DID, because in a huge sweep of votes, it was decided that Irvine's soul rests in my body. ^^; So I'm a little playful, a little flirty, and....well, yes, I like the ladies fine and maybe I AM Irvine after all, ne?

Stamped as Sakuya Ookouchi at kaikanrating

Another of the playboy-type stamps, apparently, though a different variety of such. Sakuya's got a much colder and cynical look at the world than Irvine does, and in that, I am probably more like him. Sakuya's determined to have things according to his vision of how they should be, not out of arrogance, but because he knows it'll work out best. And we can't forget those stunning blue eyes...

Stamped as Tokaki at fuyu_rating

Another of the incurable flirts! Tokaki is definately a lech, but he's also strong and wise, being much older than he appears in the stamping picture, at least! At least it's fitting to my wish...if I could, I'd live a full life, then go back to the beginning with everything I'd learned and play the game again. ^^

Stamped as Fuji Syuusuke at tenipuri_rating

I don't know TOO much about Prince of Tennis (yes, STILL, hush Viv), but from what I've seen Fuji is probably the closest to the me that most people experiance. He's got the 'cute' face that I generally display, but when he gets down to play and gets serious, you know it, and EVERYONE takes a step back. He also likes wasabi. ^^ So Fuji rules, really.

Stamped as Sailor Neptune/Michiru Kairoh at smrating

This doesn't surprise me an iota. ^^; I remember my pet name among the Library Group I developed in high school WAS Michiru...for the fact that I COULD play violin well, if I wanted, I was an artist, and I probably had more patience, grace, and charisma than all the rest combined. ^^ I also came off as a bit frosty when I was younger, so Michiru suited me more then than she does now...though she IS quite the little flirt, when you think about it. There's also the mirror...and those of you who know me well know my obsession with mirrors.

Stamped as Karasuma Akane/Sailor Lead Crow at sm_villains

Leader of the Animamates? Well, she likes shiney things (as most crows do), possesses a brazen personality, and she has a definate sadistic streak, so why not? ^^;

Stamped as Ansem at keybladerating

I'm not sure what garnered me this rating...probably the calculating, schemeing side of me. Ansem is quite charismatic, being able to manipulate so many of the characters in Kingdom Hearts, so it's rather flattering to be compared to him, actually. ^^

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Alright, now most everyone is aware that Jagara and Hamona are twins. I was originally rated as Jagara for personality, and when I went back for a rating on appearance, they gave me Hamona. I can only take this to mean that appearances decieve, and I -appear- the pure and sweet maiden on the outside, while remaining the opportunistic witch on the inside. ^^ Two halves of a whole. I rather liked the way that turned out, actually. Ironic and suiting in one.

Non-Anime Rating Communities

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Whoot! I'm a pirate/gypsy/con-dog, apparently. ^^ No complaints here.

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