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To Update...

Here's what you missed, if you weren't around for these events (which I doubt anyone reading this IS, but nevermind that):

*2 hugs within the space of five minutes, and 3 marriage proposals. Yes, this was IN make up, which you shall see later.

*Got my breasts bitten by two women in the parking lot. It was all ambush-nipple biting...and I kinda liked it. O_o

*Worked the churchyard at Morgue. Got to chase a Mexican couple around for 45 minutes. Started my routine by flipping up my hood and doing impressions of the monks from Monty Python.

*Have discovered boobage at the Morgue earns money for arcade games and food. Plan to use this in future.

*Had the Morgue owner wink at me several times in the evening. Methinks he REALLY likes me. O_O Boy would THAT be awkward.

*It's getting around all four houses rather quickly that I'm lesbian. ...I'm lesbian with hetero tendencies (*cough*bibutcan'tsaybianymore*cough*), but alright then.

*Daddy complimented my makeup again tonight. ^___^

*Involved in photo shoot and interview for newspaper on our makeup process and working the houses. Once again pushed into the limelight. Am growing rather disillusioned with all the special treatment.

*Managed to scare four people so badly tonight, they quit and left the house without going the rest of the way. I rule.

*Leaving the party tonight was followed by a call of "Oh GOD, my nuts!" Which prompted me to believe that we left at the appropriate time.

That's pretty much all in my world, puppies and kittens. I leave you now with a few shots of my makeup as of five minutes ago, before I ripped the damn things OFF.

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