So THIS is how it could be worse (tempestreloaded) wrote,
So THIS is how it could be worse

And remember... *bow and flourish* Charm.

I have an inordinate amount of charm. And it never fails to surprise/amuse me when it gets me attention. ^^

So we're hanging out, Saturday night.

Daddy's hanging around Catacombs, as usual. He IS Daddy, after all. One of the 'gods' of the business. He notes me and Jenny, strides over, and inspects my make up and pronounces it, after a moment, to be "Alright.'s definately alright."

Daddy deemed my work acceptable.

I feel like a god just reached down out of the heavens and patted me on the head. *snort*

He also shared his coke/Jager with me. I feel so special.

If that weren't enough, Morgue's owner proclaims that if he had 20 of me to situate through the house, he'd be set for good. Ain't that something?

I took a group through Morgue last night, as well. ^^ "Anything for you," he says. And gives me a Frosty. Hurrah for my being liked by influential people.

And I've gotten to the point where I just sort of ignore Monty's presence, instead of perking up and showing off. It's like "Eh, he knows I'm here, he knows I do a good job, I have nothing to prove to you anymore."

Okay, so this is pointless rambling, but damn it, where else am I supposed to do it?

Anyway, going to Renn Fair today... more when I get back. Later.
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