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Motorcycle rides, wheeeeeeeeee!

Your inner element is air or wind. You are free
spirted and go with the wind. You would rather
be dancing around with your friends in the wind
than sitting and watching tv. (cos you cant
stand still for 5 min.) ^_^. To release and use
your element you must meditate outside while
the wind is blowing and focus on it, watch it,
follow it. (but dont actually run with it) Get
in touch with the wind.

What's your inner soul's element and how can you release it? (anime pix! enjoy ^_^)updated!
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So today, I went on another motorcycle ride with my uncle. And got plastered, though I did a pretty decent job of convincing him I wasn't. We went and got pizza and everything.

I just wanna say how much I LOVE my uncle. He seems to be the only relative I have with ANY amount of intelligence about him, and he's just as cynical and smart-assed as I am. I really do adore him. And our bike rides together. I don't think I could have more fun if I was cruising along the lake in a Super Seven, honestly.

It's refreshing to have someone nearby that UNDERSTANDS.
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