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Meme Time

Write 20 Random facts about yourself timing your responses. Tag the amount of people that your time is.

1. I still don't know how to ride a bike.

2. I can fall in love with things in a heartbeat for their aesthetic value. I can convince myself, given enough time, that I don't need them, and I am determined that this fact means I'm not entirely shallow. I call it my "oooh, shiny" complex, and a few of my characters have it.

3. I forget things. Alot. It pisses me off, sometimes, that there are people, faces, names, things that happened, parts of MY life that I'm unaware of. Oh yes. And I was like this BEFORE the drugs, I might add.

4. I hate having boyfriends. I love having boy friends, but I HATE having boyfriends.

5. I've affected how much it was raining, on several occassions. Got out of a parent-teacher conference that way, once. I never try to push it, though...maybe I'm half afraid those half-dozen times it worked were just coincidence, and I really can't do anything about it at all.

6. Most of my skills lie in mimicing people. Whether in acting, art, writing, etc...there's always someone I'm aspiring to be just a little bit like.

7. I love caviar, eel, octopus, squid, sea urchin, and any number of foods that the mere mention might turn another person's stomach. I think that's part of the reason I like them so much.

8. Forget diamonds. Buckles, zippers, and chains are a girl's best friend.

9. I have never once really questioned my sexuality. I always knew, and never saw anything wrong with it. Admitting it to my friends and worrying what they would think was probably the only obstacle I ever had with it.

10. I attract men like flies. And wish I didn't. Too often, it means trouble.

11. I'm entirely reliant on people around me. My moods, my energy, everything. If I'm left to my own devices for too long...I do stupid things. So moving on.

12. I can convince myself out of just about anything, so the best time for me to do something is on a split-second urge, or under pressure of a deadline.

13. My favorite makeup technique of all time is the khol cat-eyes. Love it love it love it.

14. I'm still not exactly sure how my voice sounds...I've never really listened to myself talk.

15. I love scaring the living Hell out of people. Even when I'm not working at the Haunted House. Give me a way to and I will.

16. My most notable scar, other than the ones on my wrist (from the cat, silly!), is a thick one right by the corner of my lip, where I fell when I was two and busted my lip on the asphalt. My mother wasn't watching me at the time. Big surprise.

17. I actually...don't hate my mother as much as I thought. I just really don't even care anymore. Sometimes I wonder what she's up to but, for the most part, she's a stranger to me, some distant curiosity that I have no intention of ever dealing with ever again.

18. I love hanging out at the local bars, getting drunk, and playing shuffleboard. Especially since I shouldn't be in the bar to start with.

19. My favorite colors have always been those that go well with silver.

20. I whine daily to those around me how much I miss my girlfriend. I'm quite relieved that they're the sort that, instead of telling me to shut up, direct me instead to a local adult store with a grocery list of toys for the next time I see her. ^^;

Whoever wants to do this list, have at it. I've got stamps to finish up for weiss_rating. Laters.
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