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Never Gonna Learn

How is it I keep setting myself up for a fall? I keep hoping for IMPOSSIBLE things, hoping they might come through because, hey, this is me, and I've been pretty lucky so far.

Truth of the matter being that I'm the only person I can really count on. But it's always been that way, so I don't know why I'm bitching about it now. Maybe because I hate coming to that realization time and time again, and then convincing myself out of believing it, out of a need to keep those around me around me.

I seriously don't know what I'm going to do...I need to get away. Away from here, away from everyone and everything. It's all about to drive me up a wall.

...hopefully it does, tonight. I hear I might be in Morgue's London streets tonight, and climbing the walls might be a neat trick. Y'think?
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